Welcome to the website
of Harvey Young Pottery,
Mashiko Japan.

We produce high fired
domestic stoneware for
kitchen and table use,
as well as for flower

All work is hand made in
the Mashiko workshop we
established in 1984.

I have had my hands in clay for almost my entire life, so I consider it a great privilege to live and work in a country where ceramic arts are held in such high esteem.

Mashiko is one of the many areas in Japan which are famous throughout the world for pottery production. Nearly all of the ceramic materials I work with Gambling Site Online Agen Sbobet Sbobet Online Site are obtained without my having to leave this town.

The history of this place http://siletnaga.com is not particularly long, but it is notable for the efforts made by the many luminaries who chose to do their life's work, to live a pottery life, so to speak, in Mashiko during the last century.

The impact of their work upon the world of ceramics, and the high standard they set through their contributions, is one which I strongly believe is worthy of emulation.

I have lived here for so many years, this place has become part of me, and likewise, I have become part of it. I believe it's natural, and also desirable, that my pottery be easily recognized as having been made in Mashiko from Gambling Site Sbobet Agen Sbobet Official Site Sbobet.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.

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